Multilingual Lausanne 2018

“Multilingual Lausanne” is a linguistic landscaping (LL) project carried out by 2nd-year English linguistics students taking the course “Introduction to Multilingualism in Society” at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland).

Our collective goal is to observe, document and critically analyse the use of different linguistic resources in written signs located in the officially Francophone city of Lausanne.

The main data that we collected are pictures of multilingual signs in different neighbourhoods, transit areas and establishments in the city.

LL is used as a pedagogical tool to learn how to do research in sociolinguistics and to raise awareness about the role of multilingualism in on-going social transformations and in different types of mobilities.

In line with the paradigm of citizen sociolinguistics, the blog and the collective Googlemap below aim to generate and share knowledge through 2.0 webs of participation.

NEW Publication: Garrido, Maria Rosa (2022). Multilingual Lausanne: Collaborative linguistic landscaping as a pedagogical and research tool in higher education. In Edina Krompàk & Vicenzo Todisco (Eds.), Sprache und Raum: Mehrsprachigkeit in der Bildungsforschung und in der Schule (pp.285-304). Bern: HEP Verlag.