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  1. 2022-present: Book reviews and social media editor for the Journal of Sociolinguistics, Wiley & Sons. Listen to our brand-new JSLX Conversations Podcast
  2. 2018-2021: Reviews Editor for the Journal of Sociolinguistics, Wiley & Sons. In charge of selecting suitable publications and authors (with Monica Heller, EIC), communication with authors and publishing houses, and reviewing manuscript content (with EIC). Introduction of blog reviews and guidelines for review articles. Launch of “Decentering the Anglosphere” series of review articles in 2020 (with EIC and AE).
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  3. February-August 2015: Edition and consultancy for “Singular and Plural: Ideologies of Linguistic Authority in 21st Century Catalonia” by Prof. Kathryn A. Woolard (University of California San Diego).
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2017-2020: Member of the Discourse and Social Justice Committee of the EDiSo Associació d’Estudis sobre Discurs i Societat

2017-2019Member of the Executive Board at the EDiSo Associació d’Estudis sobre Discurs i Societat – EDiSo Association for Studies in Discourse and Society
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  • Organisation of International workshop “Esperanto, plurilingüisme i moviments socials al llarg segle XX”, 2nd March 2023. With Xavi Alcalde, Monica Heller and Nicolau Dols. Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona). Watch here
  • Organisation of International workshop “Language and neutrality: Glottopolitical processes and consequences, 19-20 June 2022. With José del Valle. University of Lausanne. Programme
  • Organisation of summer school “Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences”, 28 June- 2 July 2021. With Anita Auer, Michael Pietrowski and Isaac Pante. University of Lausanne & dhCenter UNIL-EPFL (Switzerland).
  • Organisation of International workshop “Revisiting linguistic neutrality: the politics of discourse in times of global crisis”, 3-4 June 2021. With José del Valle. University of Lausanne/online.
  • Co-founder and steering committee (2017-2020) of the Language and Work Group for early career researchers including scholars from University of Vienna, University of Bern, University College London, University of Ghent, University of Jyväskylä and Copenhagen University among others.
    • Organised 4th Workshop of the group “Language, labour and (im)mobilities”. 5-6 April 2019. Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • Organisation of Lyon-Fribourg seminars on ethnographic methodology and sociolinguistic knowledge production with Kevin Petit-Cahill.
    • International seminar series on the politics of knowledge production in sociolinguistics: “Le « non-dit » sur le terrain ethnographique / The unspoken in the ethnographic field”. Fribourg (Switzerland). 20 June 2018.
    • 2nd Lyon-Fribourg Sociolinguistics Seminar: “The unspoken as political: Methodological cracks in institutional ethnographies”. Fribourg (Switzerland). 11 May 2017.
    • Lyon-Fribourg Sociolinguistics Seminar: “Communication with institutions: The Importance of Being Earnest”. Lyon (France). 25 November 2016.
  • Organising Committee (Bibliography Search). « Les apports et limites de la recherche en sciences du langage: Les enjeux langagiers liés aux réfugiés ». Fribourg (Switzerland). 5-7 December 2016.
  • Organisation of research events in the CIEN research group, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).
    • International Seminar on Mobilities, Language Practices and Identities. Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). 11-12 January 2013.
    • Seminar “Discourse as Narrative” by Prof. Anna de Fina. Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). 2-7 June 2010.
    • 3rd AILA International Seminar on Language and Migration. Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). 2-3 February 2009.


Sociolinguistics Symposium 25. “Ordinariness + Innovation”. June 2024. Curtin University (Perth).

14th Linguistic Landscape Workshop. “Utopia & Dystopia”. September 2023. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain).

Sociolinguistics Symposium 24. “Inside and beyond boundaries”. July 2022. University of Ghent (Belgium).

Sociolinguistics Symposium 23. “Unsettling language”. June 2020/ June 2021. The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong).

4th International EDiSo Symposium. “Voices, silences and silencing in discourse studies”. June 2019. Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain).

MUCEAN Seminar 2018. “Multilingualizing compulsory education in the age of neoliberalism: Issues, processes and inequalities”. November 2018. Bellaterra del Vallès (Catalonia, Spain).

British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) 2017. “Diversity in applied linguistics: Opportunities, challenges, questions”. August-September 2017. Leeds (UK).

Sociolinguistics Summer School 8. COST New Speakers Training School. July 2017.

International Conference. “Approaches to migration, language and identity”, May 2017. Lausanne (Switzerland).


  • Edited volume: Approaches to migration, language and identity (2022, Peter Lang)
  • Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language and Literature (eISSN: 2013-6196)
  • International Journal of the Sociology of Language (De Gruyter Mouton, ISSN: 0165-2516)
  • Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (Taylor and Francis, ISSN 0143-4632 )
  • Journal of Sociolinguistics (Wiley, ISSN 1467-9841)
  • Language and Communication (Elsevier, ISSN: 0271-5309)
  • Language, Culture and Society (John Benjamins, ISSN: 2543-3164)
  • Language Policy (Springer, ISSN: 1568-4555)
  • Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication (De Gruyter, ISSN: 1613-3684)
  • Revista de Llengua i Dret (Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya, ISSN 2013-1453)
  • Russian Journal of Linguistics (People’s Friendship University of Russia, ISSN 2687-0088)
  • Treballs de Sociolingüística Catalana (Societat Catalana de Sociolingüística, ISSN: 0211-0784)


June 2022- present:

Departmental exchange coordinator at the English and German department, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

August 2017- August 2021:

  1. Organisation of departmental doctoral workshops at the English department, University of Lausanne.
  2. Haute École Pédagogique Vaud equivalences in English language and linguistics for candidates with foreign diplomas.


Member of Conseil de Faculté des Lettres, University of Lausanne.